Master the 21 Card Game

There are no real secrets to how you become a highly skilled and polished blackjack player. The one and only trick is to practice the game and reduce the number of errors you make.

That sounds like a very simple concept, yet, unless you truly know how to play blackjack well, you can lose a lot of money making common errors. The most common error bettors make while playing the 21 card game is trying to come as close as possible to hitting a blackjack.

Usually, that just means you will lost a lot of hands that otherwise stood a good chance of winning. Even worse, the dealer might not have to make a play at all, and the house collects your bet. That is not good.

Instead, it is best to learn to turn the house rules against the casino and win more hands, while making fewer mistakes. The, a website like has blackjack for real money, which you can play and win more often when lady luck smiles upon you.

Learn to Use Blackjack Rules

If you ever wondered how it is casinos can make money off blackjack, it is because the blackjack rules essentially give bettors the first chance to make mistakes and lose their bets. The other advantage is that the house generally hosts up to six players, who all play against the single hand controlled by the dealer.

Even if one or two people win, the others often lose, making it profitable for the casino the continue playing. So long as the bettor goes bust first, the house wins, even if it has to take cards during the same hand to continue games with other players.

That means the house has an about 3 percent advantage over all but the most highly skilled gamblers. The rules of the 21 card game give the casinos a slight but distinct long-term advantage that makes blackjack more profitable the more games bettors play.

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Practice with a Blackjack Chart

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking only those who learn how to count cards can win at blackjack. That just is not true.

When you know how to play blackjack with few errors and can push the dealer to make potentially risking plays in accordance with the house rules, you stand a greater chance of winning lots of money. The 21 card game can work against the house just as easily as it can bettors. The only real trick is learning to play smartly and force the dealer to make moves.

Once you have the skills, has blackjack for real money, but you still can practice with free games, too. The more you practice how to play based on the cards shown by the dealer, the more you can turn the house advantage into nearly nothing.

Win More Real Money Games

One of the best ways to practice is to use a blackjack chart. A chart lets you know when to split cards, double down, and make other advanced plays that could put a lot of money in your pocket.

It is not the same as counting cards, which casinos ban. Instead, a chart helps you to memorize the plays with the highest probability of beating the dealer. For example, when you have a pair of eights, and the dealer is showing a five or less, you never split those cards.

But, if the dealer is showing six, seven or eight, then splitting your eights is a stronger play than taking another card or standing. That is because you would turn a hand worth 16 points into two hands worth 18 to 19 points, each.

That could turn a potentially losing hand into a double winner, because you took the time to study the charts and practice your plays. Once you get your gaming skills up to a professional level, you can try your luck and new skills playing online games.

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